The mission is to impart knowledge of the Sikh way of life and realize the rich Sikh heritage.

Knowledge of Punjabi and Gurmukhi script will be provided through Punjabi program.
Knowledge of Sikh History and Gurbani will provided through a systematic Gurmat program.
Knowledge of Sikh musical tradition will be provided through a Kirtan program
Sikh way of life is demonstrated through Gurmat Camps, community service, and Gurdwara activities. Focus will be to build these activities and enhance on them.


  • Registration Fee: $150 for full academic year, $50 extra for Gatka
  • Four Main Classes: Boli, Virsa, Gurbani Veechar, Kirtan
  • Eight Levels (Boli, Virsa, Gurbani Veechar)
  • Based off of the Sikhya curriculum
  • Main Goals
    • Fluency in Gurmukhi and Punjabi
    • Extensive knowledge of Sikh History
    • Able to take hukam, read, and understand Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
    • To build strong community leaders
    • To encourage lifelong learning and seva

2022-2023 Academic Year (full year)

First Class18th September’ 22
Mid Term4th  December’ 22
Final Exam11th June’ 23
Last day celebrations25th June’ 23

Class Schedule

Assembly9 am to 9:15 am
Boli9:15 am to 9:50 am
Virsa9:50 am to 10:25 am
Gurbani Veechar10:25 am to 11 am
Gatka11 am to 12 pm

No Classes

10/30/2022GNSH Anniversary
12/11/22Day after Virsa Night
12/25/22 – 1/1/23Winter Break
4/9/23Spring Break
4/23/23Sikh Day Trade
5/28/23Memorial Day
6/18/23Father’s Day

Kids Diwan / Celebrations

11/13/22Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurupurab
12/10/22Virsa Night
12/25/22Sahebjadey Day
4/16/23Khalsa Sirjana Divas (turban tying)
4/22/23Sikh Day Parade
5/14/23Mai Bhago Day
6/25/23Year end celebrations with water slide and gifts to kids